This blog is about my perspective on how to help our beloved children with autism. As a behavior analyst,   I am trying to present some of my  less conventional implementations of behavioral thinking in my work with children.     I want to challenge people who may think that behaviorism turns kids into robots.   Parents of children with autism have been a huge source of support in my life: they are my heroes and mentors.

Some of my paid and unpaid work since autism: Behavior specialist for kids with autism, Verbal Behavior Consultant  for what was then called the Pa Verbal Behavior Project, consultant to Easter Seals Feeding Management Clinic, private consultant, social skills group leader, volunteer kitten foster raiser, Board member at Flint Hill Farm, ABA and autism staff trainer, mother to two daughters.

“Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless. ”  B.F. Skinner


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  1. Thanks for the “like” on my “I Can Has Asperger” post. I seem to have helped a lot of people with that one, which was my aim in writing it. 🙂
    Your blog looks really interesting too and I’m looking forward to digging into it a bit more this weekend!
    Dr. Smiter.

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